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The Gavin Hurrell Page

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This is a tribute page to The Man, The Myth, The Legend, GAVIN HURRELL.

Gavin Wilson Hurrell was born in Casper, Wyoming on August 10th, 1922. He was the first of 3 children born to Frank and Greta Hurrell. Early Jobs included Sawyer for the local mill and Stablehand for his uncle Georges Horsefarm. In June 1940 he joined the Marine Corps, achieving the rank of Captain during WW2. Upon his discharge, he enrolled in NYU under the G.I. Bill, majoring in theater-arts with an emphasis in acting. While attending university, he worked steadily as an announcer for the CBS Radio Network.  Below is What may be his first film work done in 1944 while still in the Marines but on loan to the signal corps and started the man along his chosen path.