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The formative years...


By 1949 Mr Hurrell was known to be living in Glendale Ca. finding work in Radio. His first job was on was the anthology series Screen Guild Theater until 1951 when he joined the wildly popular detective series Dragnet. By all accounts it was this period of time when he devoloped a life long drinking problem. Never comfortable with life ( or the wife ) in LA he was prone to disappear to New York City on a Friday afternoon and reappear on Monday.

Hurrell was by 1955 a heavy drinker and was addicted to the night clubs of New York. So it was no surprise when Dragnet suspended new radio episodes in favor of a new television version he decided to move to New York. He just forgot to tell His wife (the actress) Barbara Nichols and their 3 Children of the plan. She found out when she was served with Divorce papers listing his Address in New York. Despite this, even his enemies acknowledged his high degree of creativity and uncanny story-sense. He Spent the next year and a half at various New York based radio production.



In  September 1956, Hurrell began what would prove to be a successful career in the fledgling television media, serving as producer or executive producer on a wide variety of programs including PLAYHOUSE 90, NAKED CITY and ROUTE 66. 

For Playhouse 90, Mr Hurrell worked along side Some pretty amazing talent, Such as John Frankenheimer, Arthur Hiller, John Brahm and Arthur Penn. Every angle of every shot left an impact on the viewing public. It was a treasure of a show, a rare gem in the early days of television. May 1960 saw the last episode broacast.

Mr Hurrell then moved on to a reworking of Naked City A police drama that had first aired during the 58/59 season. He quickly help mold the show into what is remembered today, An intelligent drama for thinking adults. Not all of the shows had the traditional good guys win ending. Many of the villians were just flawed human beings instead of being totally evil. Even the Good chartacters often had flaws that got them into trouble. He worked on Naked City until its last episode in 1963.

By Now he was one of the most in demand producers in New York.  He was also described as arrogant and pugnacious--legend has it he and director, Richard Donner (LETHAL WEAPON) once traded blows on the set of THE TWILIGHT ZONE.


A self-described playboy, Hurrell was married four times and  engaged in a number of affairs with his various leading ladies, including Kim Carlyle. To his credit, most of the women in his life (with the notable exception of his second wife, actress Barbara Nichols) continued to hold him in high regard despite his marked womanizing. 

In 1966, at the height of his career, he produced HONEY VICARRO.

Hurrell's career declined precipitously after the cancellation of HONEY VICARRO. Hurrell had, over the years, made many adversaries within the executive ranks of the television industry, all of whom were likely sharpening their knives in anticipation of his first failure. The very public (and expensive) fiasco of HONEY VICARRO provided them with an ideal opportunity for pay-back. Hurrell never worked again until his death in 1992.  Source:


At a Glance

Date of Birth: Aug 10 1922
Education: Theater Arts NYU
Family History: 4 wives 14 children
First Professional Role: Announcer Voice of Victory???
Astrological Sign:Leo