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About Me / Contact Me

Hi World at large, I am Gerald and I love to get mail!

I first met Gavin Hurrell in the spring of 1973. His Grandson Marcus and I were best friends from grade school onwards until we somehow lost touch about 10 years ago. ( HEY MARCUS OLD BUDDY If you are out there Write me ) Many Times I would get a phone call at 3 in the morning from him asking what I was doing and  if I had any extra beer. ( I dont believe he left his grounds more than a handful of times. )
 I stumbled upon the Honey Vicarro Site recently and decided to try to put one of the wildest stories in entertainment history down and try to document the life of Gavin Hurrell. I am looking for ANY stories you may have about the man or his carrer. ( any part of it )
In the almost 20 years I knew him He never spoke of Honey Vicarro except once, We were Listening to a baseball game ( I just thought of something, I never saw a television set at his house)  when Some phoned asking for an interview about Honey Vicarro. He Blew his stack on the phone and refused. He later told Marcus and I that he just didnt understand why there was such an interest in "That Silly Piece of Crap" No one would remember the many sucesses he had had, Just the public failure of one show. He also had a few words about Miss Kim who I am guessing hurt him deeply.
In The Honey Vicarro stories I have heard no one agrees on the motive behind why he made the show in a way that would certainly never be shown on Network TV. Some Stories Claim he Just wanted to make the Best show he could, while others claim it was payback to Kim Carlyle for her brief ( but very public) affair with Ringo Starr. He must have known it would be Career Suicide.
Like what you've read here? Hate what you've read here? Share my passion and want to contribute? Please get in touch! Thanks ever so much, Gerald K Tuttle.

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